Important Notices

Watering lawns in fall and winter

When grass begins to turn yellow or brown in fall and winter, it’s not a sign that it’s dying. Turning color is a sign that the grass is going dormant. Yes, the roots are still alive. In good soil, those roots will be digging their way deep [...]

Learning the Basics of Water-Wise Landscaping

Water-wise gardening simply means using good common sense. It reduces irrigation needs, lowers water bills, lowers maintenance and provides a much higher quality and worry-free landscape. Here are some general guidelines for establishing one: [...]

It’s all about stewardship

Why are we still on water restrictions even though the drought is over? The Defined Irrigation Schedule, which restricts in–ground irrigation to no more than two days a week, has nothing to do with drought. In fact, it [...]

Is Take-All Patch Ruining Your Lawn?

Take-all patch is a rampant disease in The Woodlands and can cause serious damage to lawns. Take-all patch forms roundish or irregular patterns of yellow grass, eventually turning to dead, brown grass.

Soil quality and quantity important when sodding a lawn

The amount of soil that lies beneath many lawns in the area is woefully inadequate. Sample plugs taken show that some sod has less than a half inch of soil beneath them. Beneath that, more often than not, lies an impermeable layer of clay.

Simple, low-cost ways to win the battle against lawn fungal diseases

Fungal problems are a fact of life in Southeast Texas, where fungus is the main disease vector in plants. Actually, most soils here are full of fungal spores. Some are beneficial. Some, harmless. And some, like the fungi that cause take-all patch [...]

Earthworms: Free fertilizer for lawns

Earthworms can restore the hard pan of compacted dirt so prevalent in lawns. Their castings are rich in nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, three major elements necessary for plant growth and photosynthesis.

Save money and water

Get the W.I.S.E. Guys to check your irrigation system By Bob Dailey Saving money on water bills and conserving water resources are real issues now that water rates have been rising for several years., infrastructures need repairing and resources are dwindling. Broken and clogged nozzles, unaligned heads, [...]