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It’s all about stewardship The drought is over, but water restrictions remain

Q. Why are we still on water restrictions even though the drought is over?

It’s a jungle down there

Beneath the cover of your now greening lawn, there exists a teeming jungle of rapacious creatures, eating (usually each other), multiplying and doing all the things that creatures in a jungle do. Decillions and more single-celled bacteria take in carbon dioxide and convert it to life-giving oxygen [...]

Are we following the hydro-illogical cycle in The Woodlands?

The hydro-illogical cycle goes like this: “We had a severe drought, but it’s over and we’re getting plenty of rain. Because of that, we don’t have to worry about water conservation anymore.” The term was coined by Texas State Meteorologist John Nielsen-Gammon [...]

Aerate your lawn to keep it healthy and lush

Landscapers know that one of the most crucial elements to having a beautiful lawn is healthy soil. Healthy soil is loose and aerated, a place where roots can spread deeply and organisms thrive. Compacted soil, which lies underneath most lawns in The Woodlands, actually sets off a [...]

Are Gardeners Happier Than Most? You Betcha!

...and there are scientific reasons why. If you’re feeling the winter blahs, here’s a suggestion: instead of reaching for that glass of wine, put on some warm work clothes and work gloves, grab your garden tools and head out to the yard. Active gardeners say that [...]

Colder Weather Dampens Need to Irrigate Lawns

Most lawns in The Woodlands consist of St. Augustine grass – a warm-season grass that goes dormant in the fall and winter. The grass starts to turn a little yellow and the intuitive thing to do is to add more water. In fact, irrigation during the fall [...]

Preparing your lawn for winter

As St. Augustine grass goes dormant in the fall, many homeowners over seed their lawns with winter rye. While winter rye does add a lush greenness to an otherwise dull lawn, homeowners may want to rethink this habit.

Watering lawns in fall and winter

When grass begins to turn yellow or brown in fall and winter, it’s not a sign that it’s dying. Turning color is a sign that the grass is going dormant. Yes, the roots are still alive. In good soil, those roots will be digging their way deep [...]

Learning the Basics of Water-Wise Landscaping

Water-wise gardening simply means using good common sense. It reduces irrigation needs, lowers water bills, lowers maintenance and provides a much higher quality and worry-free landscape. Here are some general guidelines for establishing one: [...]

It’s all about stewardship

Why are we still on water restrictions even though the drought is over? The Defined Irrigation Schedule, which restricts in–ground irrigation to no more than two days a week, has nothing to do with drought. In fact, it [...]