Full-blown ET systems are expensive. One thing residents don’t know, though, is that they can install a “mini-ET station,” also known as a “smart controller” set up to receive all the evapotranspiration information, link it to their irrigation system and stop worrying about how much they should irrigate their lawns.

These smart controllers automatically receive data from the Texas A&M ET stations, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and other ET stations, convert the information into your specific turf irrigation needs, and automatically set your irrigation system accordingly. These can even be set to operate your irrigation system on your designated watering day.

The new stations are inexpensive, can be operated remotely from PCs, laptops and even smart phones and can save substantially on water costs. One perk that residents in The Woodlands served by the WJPA is that they can receive a 50% rebate on the purchase and installation of one of these systems (up to $150). The rebate can be substantial. With many home ET stations costing less than $300, a 50% rebate would pay for half the cost.  The rebates are deducted from the resident’s water bill.

Rebates are available on a wide variety of water saving devices. In-home ET stations, smart controllers, rain water harvesting systems, and drip irrigation are also available to residents.  For more information, call The WJPA at 281-367-1271.

Irrigation less a necessity – more of a habit

WJPA rainwater stations located in The Woodlands relay data to Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District’s ET center, which, using WJPA data as well as soil moisture, relative humidity, wind velocity and direction, solar penetration and other figures, interprets the data and sends it back to WJPA, for distribution to our residents.