Installing drip irrigation

A much more cost-effective and efficient approach to watering landscape plants is drip irrigation. Once a highly complicated and arduous process, the industry has made significant advances toward making drip irrigation extremely affordable, easy to install, easy to use and easy to repair. Drip irrigation systems can be retrofitted to your existing sprinkler systems as well.

Since the water drips down into the soil and goes directly to the roots, the benefits are impressive:

  • Plants grow and flower better.
  • Plant diseases are significantly reduced.
  • Soil moisture is kept at a more constant level.
  • Increased irrigation efficiency and water conservation.
  • Lower water bills.
  • Easy design, installation and operation of the system.
  • Low cost to purchase and install.
  • The systems are esthetically pleasing.

Homeowners can either install the systems themselves or have an irrigation contractor do it. Plenty of “how-to” information is available from big box stores and irrigation supply companies. The Internet also provides hundreds of DIY articles and videos for designing and installing drip systems.

And, residents of The Woodlands in areas served by WJPA can receive a rebate on their water bill for purchase and installation of a drip system. The rebate is for 50% of the cost, up to $150.